Dilution Control Like No Other

PrecisionFlo – 5 Ways to Dispense Your Product Misco’s new PrecisionFlo design has a unique 5 way system to give you options on dispensing products. There is a 4 Product Cabinet Dispenser, Single Unit Dispenser, Wall Rack holding 6 Products READ MORE

Tomcat’s NEW EX Rider Scrubber

Many companies this year have released new units with great features and Tomcat is on that list as well. Just made available on May 1st, the NEW EX Rider Scrubber hit the market. This extra-large scrubber is great for larger READ MORE

6 Summer Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Money

Summer cleaning can sometimes be tedious and strenuous with long hot days. Make your summer better by trying these tips to help alleviate aggravation and strain along with saving time and money. 1  Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! During the months of READ MORE

ReadySpace Carpet Cleaning – Dry in Minutes

Do you have carpeted areas and high foot traffic in your building? High Rise Buildings with long hallways on multiple floors, banquet halls, hotels, hospitals, casinos, retail stores and more could all benefit from having a Tennant ReadySpace Machine. ReadySpace READ MORE

Hydramaster – Only the Best in Carpet Care!

Hydramaster has been supplying our industry with innovative carpet cleaning equipment including truck mounts since 1971. Mike Palmer was dissatisfied with the tools he was using in his own cleaning business back in 1969, so he set out to create READ MORE

Germiest Places in a School – Where are they?

In a recent study of germs in schools by NSF International, you would be horrified at the germ comparison in several different areas in the schools monitored. We are bringing this information to your attention so you can make sure READ MORE

Brutabs 6S The Safe Alternative to Bleach

Want a Safe Alternative to Bleach? Why not try Brutabs 6S? They sure don’t call it 6S for no reason. Let’s take a look. Safe Brutabs 6S rates a whopping 1 on the health rating scale, while most other disinfectants READ MORE

Robotics, Are We There Yet?

Well, some would say yes and some would say no. We are certainly not at the Jetson’s stage yet. Why don’t you read and decide for yourself? Over the past 20 years or so in the Jan/San Industry you have READ MORE

Can You Hear Me Now? – Kenwood Two Way Radios

Communication is key this day in age. With school shootings continuing to rise at alarming rates, you want to make sure your staff can communicate effectively in case of emergencies let alone on a regular basis. Whether you are custodial READ MORE

Tennant Takes Scrubbing by Storm Part 2

Ok, so in the last blog we covered the T300 and the second part of this series will cover the Tennant T500. Tennant is wise in how they go to market with new innovation. Could they have taken everything they READ MORE

Tennant Takes Scrubbing By Storm Part 1

Tennant Company over the past 2-3 years has been very active in upgrading their scrubber line to the most state of the art, efficient units on the market. The I-Mop XL, T300, T500 and T350 additions to the Tennant line READ MORE

Square Scrub’s NEW Pivot Machine

Square Scrub gets a hats off to their R & D. They never cease trying to improve their units and how they work in the field. Square Scrub is dedicated to bringing you the most reliable, efficient machines on the READ MORE

Restroom Odor Control Part 2

In our last blog we spoke about odor control as it pertains to toilets and urinals. How to attack the odor at the source. If you missed it, you can click here to read it. Now we will continue with READ MORE

Restroom Odor Control Part 1

So you have your paper towels and toilet tissue stocked and you never run out of soap. That’s great! But according to a recent survey next in line on the complaint list is restroom malodors. Your restrooms can look as READ MORE