Many companies this year have released new units with great features and Tomcat is on that list as well. Just made available on May 1st, the NEW EX Rider Scrubber hit the market. This extra-large scrubber is great for larger schools, hospitals, airports, industrial facilities and more.

The Tomcat EX Rider Scrubber comes in both a standard and HD version. The biggest differences are the 1.0HP Front Wheel Drive Motor and 245AH Batteries on the Standard Machine. The HD beefs up to the 310AH battery pack with the ability to upgrade to 360AH batteries with the ability to last nearly 5hrs. The HD version also boasts a 2.0HP Front Wheel Drive Motor for more power.

Similarities: Both EXs come in 30”/34” Disk and 29”/33” Cylindrical versions with Edge not being available on this unit. A massive 46 Gallon Solution Tank and 49 Gallon Recovery Tank holds everything you need to get the job done! Tomcat’s stainless steel baffle inside the recovery tank allows the unit to separate foam from the float and ball to give you maximum water retrieval. The oh so great tool-less squeegee assembly, making it easy to replace your squeegee blades.

Some newer features making this Tomcat EX unit all that and a bag of chips: Red light indicators for both Recovery Tank Full and Squeegee/Vacuum System Clog, Oversized Drain Saver Basket to catch debris, and a Service Cabinet. Yup you heard it, a Service Cabinet! This unique design gives easy access and visibility to your solution filters along with drain hoses for any overflow in the vacuum system or battery box. Totally awesome feature!!

Tomcat spared no expense with the list of options available on the EX. Options like the Spray Jet, Side Brooms, Zero3 no chemical cleaning, Suds chemical mixing system, Side Doors for added protection, Over Head Guard for severe industrial settings, Headlights, Backup Lights, and more. The ease of a school or hospital to the roughest industrial setting, the Tomcat EX will go there and not only survive but thrive.

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