Cdiff – How do we deal with it?

Scary studies have come out about Cdiff in hospitals. A most recent study boasts Cdiff can live for up to 5 months if it survives a disinfection cleaning. Nurse call buttons, floor corners, and vents were identified in this study READ MORE

CRI – What Does It Mean?

You may have seen this logo on product fliers, machines, or heard it touted by a manufacturing rep or during a demonstration of equipment. Do you know what it means? The Carpet and Rug Institute performs laboratory testing on machines READ MORE


Brutabs NEW Kill Claims!! That’s right, wanna kill germs faster than ever and kill more? Tired of having to wait 10 minutes to kill germs? Take a look at Brutabs new kill claims. After more independent laboratory testing, higher concentrates READ MORE

Envirox – Achieve Absolute Simplicity and Savings

Envirox has launched their new Absolute Cleaning System. We are excited to help introduce and promote this new closed loop dispensing system. This newly designed Absolute Cleaning System provides savings in multiple categories like: number of products used in a READ MORE

Get Unplugged – Cleanmax Cordless Vacuums

  Cleanmax, a division of Tacony, has dedicated time and effort into bringing you a quality vacuum line. With their durable Pro-Series uprights to their BackPack with Hiker Harness, Cleanmax offers the best in vacuum lines and has now unplugged. READ MORE

IPC Eagle – Not Just Machines

IPC Eagle is a leading worldwide manufacturer of cleaning equipment and tools. Their mission is “Our promise to our customers is total support”. With this in mind, IPC Eagle has a full line of microfiber tools and accessories and from READ MORE

Simoniz – Bringing You the Best Since 1910

Simoniz, the oldest car care brand in the US, was actually founded back in 1910 by George Simons making one of the first car cleaners and waxes. Over the decades Simoniz rose above to be the most advertised car care READ MORE

Microfiber: Is it for you?

Microfiber hit the market about 15 years ago. But only until the last 5-7 years has it really taken hold to be the #1 choice of cloth among the cleanest facilities. Microfiber far outweighs the old cotton rag with a READ MORE

Gyms and Locker Rooms are they Safe?

Frequented by amateur and professional athletes, K-12 students, and the 45 million Americans with gym memberships, gyms and locker rooms are the facilities we use to get in shape and stay healthy. Ironically, these are some of the dirtiest and READ MORE

Odorox Air Technologies – Disaster Recovery

Odorox Air Technologies has targeted the residential and healthcare industries over the past 2 years due to the FDA Approval of the Odorox® line. However, Odorox spent much of its early years educating and breaking into the disaster restoration industry READ MORE

Tennant – T350 NEW Stand On Rider Scrubber

Tennant just launched their new T350 Stand On Riding Scrubber and they didn’t hold back on ease of use and other advantages. The T350 still supports the same easy to access battery compartment, so maintaining clean, properly watered batteries continues READ MORE

SCA/Tork – Sustainability and Ethics

SCA a leading global hygiene and forest products company developing sustainable personal care, tissue and forest products. You can see their products distributed in over 100 countries, but in the US Tork is the main brand. SCA strives to the READ MORE

Oscillation Technology is the way to go!

Piranha Brand Machines have been around for over 20 years. When Oscillation Technology came out, Piranha Brand waited to see what common issues the industry would see, so they could bring you only the best, most reliable units. The Piranha READ MORE

Piranha Brand Floor Machines – Made to Last!

Piranha Brand floor machines have been around for nearly 20 years. Tried and true, these rugged steel designed conventional units come in 17” and 20” most commonly and include a pad driver. With a 1.5HP AC driven brush motor and READ MORE

NSS Leading the Way in Innovation!

  NSS has been manufacturing cleaning equipment for over 100 years. Starting back in 1911 and making cleaners for boilers, so they could run more efficiently, NSS has come a long way. As they entered into the 21st century with READ MORE

Envirox: A Healthier Way to Clean!

  Envirox started in 1995 and has revolutionized the cleaning industry. The company’s goal was to create safer cleaning products that actually work and so was born H2Orange2. In the early 2000s and beyond other companies would soon follow suit READ MORE

See What Zee Best is All About

Bio-Shine Inc. has been among the leading janitorial suppliers in the NJ/metro NY area for over 25 years. So when it comes to knowing what’s the best floor finish and stripper, we are here for you. Over the years we READ MORE

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NACARE Solutions: Efficient Compact Scrubbers

  NACECARE Solutions has been developing cleaning equipment for just over 30 years. They specialize in supplying uncomplicated and dependable machines to our industry. The TGB817 and TGB1120 are great efficient compact scrubbers. The TGB817, an 8 Gallon 17” Pad READ MORE

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One Stop Shopping is Possible!

Are you running a repair center and need access to OEM parts? Fixing your own machine to save money? Have you heard of It’s the best one stop shopping site on the internet! You have access to parts manuals, READ MORE

To Kill or Not to Kill, That is the Question!

We are always looking for harsher chemicals to kill, kill, kill germs. Why? Bleach burns its way through germs. Quats poison germs from the outside. Silver Ion technology allows you to kill a germ from inside itself. Hydroxyls and Ozone READ MORE

Restrooms – Oh The Horror!!

Ewwwww!! How many times have you walked into a public restroom or as a custodian your own facility’s restroom and seen the image above? It is horrifying for a person trying to use the bathroom but even more so for READ MORE

Germs – How do you deal with them?

Spring is here! Yet the CDC as of April 8 still shows the flu being wide spread in New Jersey. Only 50% of students under the age of 17 get their vaccinations – 31% ages 18 to 49, 48%  ages READ MORE

Safety in the Workplace – OSHA & GHS

When it comes to the US vs the rest of the world, we don’t seem to be on mark for universal understanding. We still use the imperial system of inches and feet while most of the world uses the metric system. READ MORE


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