One of the most expensive replacement items in your scrubbers and sweepers are batteries. We all dread hearing the words “your machine needs new batteries”. The hit it takes to your budget is mind-numbing. So which battery works best at your facility?

Lead Acid batteries cost the least but require the most maintenance. Your staff needs to be diligent in caring for the batteries by adding just enough distilled water at the right time, keeping terminals clean and connections tight, waiting until the batteries are low/then charging them overnight for a full charge, and the list goes on. Not to mention the rotten egg smell when the batteries are boiling. If your staff waivers from any of these needs, your batteries could prematurely wear out, leaving your budget drained.

I have only seen a handful of customers who care for Lead Acid batteries so diligently they get 5-7 years out of them. Even if you care for the batteries well, when you use the machine regularly the batteries may only last 2-3 years. The technicality is: Lead Acid batteries last approximately 500 charging cycles at best. Whether you charge the battery for 5 minutes or 10 hours, it counts as a charging cycle. The best Lead Acid batteries on the market are made by Trojan Battery. Others are good, but we have found Trojan to be the best. So you do the math. How long have your Lead Acid batteries lasted?

AGM/Gel batteries became more popular in the past 7-10 years due to being maintenance free, shorter charge times and the cost declining. These batteries are about 1.5-2xs more expensive then lead acid, but the advantage of maintenance free is sometimes priceless. If your staff does not care for lead acid batteries, you could be replacing them every 6-9 months. Investing in maintenance free AGM/Gel gained ground so staff members did not also need to be mechanics. However, AGM/Gel batteries only last a max of 2-2.5 years AND it’s hard to find AGM/Gel in the larger size batteries such as 305AH, 360AH, etc. Discovery Battery and Full River Battery make great AGM/Gel batteries. Trojan Battery only makes a limited size of AGM/Gel, but what they offer is superior. Do you like your AGM/Gel batteries? Do you prefer maintenance free?

And now in latest news, Lithium Ion is on the rise in our industry. It almost seems like a no brainer when you compare Lithium Ion to Lead Acid and AGM/Gel. Advantages: you can store these batteries in your machine for up to 1 year at room temperature and have no issue using the machine when you need it. They have 5000, yes you read it right 5K charging cycles AND these charge cycles are counted differently. If you quick charge a machine when it’s half way to dead, then it only counts as half a charge cycle AND it does not damage the battery! Lithium Ion batteries are also maintenance free and include low voltage, dead short and over charge auto shut off features. Relion Battery offers a 5 year warranty with the first 3 years being full replacement and the last 2 years prorated. This all sounds great, so where is the pinch to wake us from this dream. The batteries cost 3.5xs more then lead acid. But is this really a problem? The batteries not only last at least 10 times longer, but you get a 3 year full replacement warranty.

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