Ewwwww!! How many times have you walked into a public restroom or as a custodian your own facility’s restroom and seen the image above? It is horrifying for a person trying to use the bathroom but even more so for the custodial staff who actually has to clean it up. Are you tired of feeling like you have to shower after cleaning the restroom just feel clean?

Let me introduce you to Kaivac. Kaivac is an innovator in janitorial equipment. They have designed a line of no touch restroom cleaning machines. You can clean an entire restroom and not have to touch a sink or toilet or urinal ever again! Check out this short video.


Available in 12, 17, 21 and 28 gallons, all units feature a 500 psi solution hose and an adjustable spraygun to apply solution and use as a pressure washer. The vacuum wand tool doubles as both a squeegee and a brush for grouted surfaces. Brochures available here.

So not only do you NOT have to touch those disgusting areas again, you are also becoming more efficient with your time, making your restrooms cleaner, faster.  Schedule a free demonstration.