We are always looking for harsher chemicals to kill, kill, kill germs. Why?

Bleach burns its way through germs. Quats poison germs from the outside. Silver Ion technology allows you to kill a germ from inside itself. Hydroxyls and Ozone units attach atoms to cells to break them down. Sanitizers, Anti-Bacterial soaps, and so on. There are a dozen, if not more, ways to kill a germ on a surface or on your hands. BUT do we actually need to kill them?

The answer is No. You can run a facility and be just as effective by removing germs instead of killing them. There are two simple methods to removing germs: using microfiber cloths/mops/dusters and good ole standard hand soap. That’s right!

There is no need to spend extra money on expensive cleaning products or soaps for everyday cleaning. Microfiber is a specially made fiber containing little pockets and fingers to grab and trap germs/dirt from surfaces. Just look at the picture below comparing a standard rag to a microfiber cloth. Using microfiber cloths, hand tools, mops, and dusters you can effectively remove dirt, dust, and germs from your facility. You can also wash and reuse microfiber products thousands of times.

As far as hand washing is concerned, people seem to be stuck on trying to kill the germs on our hands. Again this is just not necessary. Standard hand soap contains surfactants. Surfactants react with germs/dirt and cause them to lift from the surface of your hand and wash down the drain.

This is no different than if you had a mouse problem in your home. You can set a trap to kill or you can set a trap to capture and remove. Either way you were getting the job done.

What do you find works at your facility? If your staff is trying to kill, are they allowing the proper dwell time to actually kill the germs? Do you need someone to evaluate your facility? Contact us any time to have a professional walk through and advise you on changes you may want to make. Just Click Here.