For years the state of NJ failed us on creating purchasing options for quality products. Each year bids would go out and items would be reduced to the lowest dollar possible in hopes of saving facilities money. However, this was a counteractive approach – with the prices being so low, the quality of products would also be low. So in essence you would go through twice or three times as much product due to low quality. Basically you get what you pay for. Not only would the products be such low quality, they most likely wouldn’t be what you wanted anyway, creating returns, wasted time, postponing jobs to be done, etc. Many other bid companies who do the bidding for you, make the facility pay a percentage of what they are purchasing, so on top of purchasing the product, you are also paying for the bidding service. Well, not any more!

ESCNJ (Educational Services Commission of NJ) started a State Approved Co-op a couple of years ago. This NJ State Bid has grown to cover over 50 different areas of a facility from computers, security, lawn maintenance, janitorial supplies/equipment, athletics and more. It is available to public educational facilities including k-12, colleges, universities, charter schools, municipalities, county government, housing authorities, libraries, and more. The co-op allows you to purchase quality products at a discounted rate and uses the NJ State bidding regulations/procedures at no cost to you. We the vendors pay for the co-op instead of the facilities paying more out of pocket. ESCNJ staff members go through the grueling process of bidding all these contracts and sorting through thousands of pages of items and pricing on your behalf. You can now purchase quality items, quickly and efficiently. No more wasting time calling around for 3 bid prices. ESCNJ did it for you already and it provides you choices on products to fit your budget.

Some other good reasons to be part of the ESCNJ Co-op are: ESCNJ raises money for Autism every spring, their own schools provide special education to those students in need, they offer Lease Purchasing options, Technology Consulting Services, and more. ESCNJ goes above and beyond for education in the state of NJ.

They just completed another successful Vendor Fair at the Garden State Expo Center in Somerset in early May. Here they provide training/classes for staff to get the credit they need to keep up their certifications and stay up to date on education in their field. If you have not looked into becoming a member, you should. The process is simply to fill out the form and have it passed at your next board meeting.

Click here for the ESCNJ forms and Important Information on the Co-op.

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