Gyms and Locker Rooms are they Safe?

Frequented by amateur and professional athletes, K-12 students, and the 45 million Americans with gym memberships, gyms and locker rooms are the facilities we use to get in shape and stay healthy. Ironically, these are some of the dirtiest and READ MORE

Odorox Air Technologies – Disaster Recovery

Odorox Air Technologies has targeted the residential and healthcare industries over the past 2 years due to the FDA Approval of the Odorox® line. However, Odorox spent much of its early years educating and breaking into the disaster restoration industry READ MORE

Tennant – T350 NEW Stand On Rider Scrubber

Tennant just launched their new T350 Stand On Riding Scrubber and they didn’t hold back on ease of use and other advantages. The T350 still supports the same easy to access battery compartment, so maintaining clean, properly watered batteries continues READ MORE