Innovators have found a way to completely revolutionize the cleaning industry by leveraging science. Victory’s new electrostatic sprayer forces chemical particles to have a super positive charge (more than any other sprayer on the market), then break them down to one of 3 specific micron sizes 40, 80 and 110. Using the old opposites attract system, the more charged a particle is, the faster and stronger it will grab to a negatively charged particle. Thus allowing 360 degree coverage. As the product is sprayed from one direction, the particles will actually not just pass the object and coat only one side, but reverse direction, defying gravity, to cling to the negatively charged surface. Amazing!

For disinfecting purposes, you are using the same amount of chemical but you are covering more surface area. Using the electrostatic sprayer, makes it easier to get the particles to adhere around objects. This also helps our industry follow dwell times, since you spray the product and walk away. Thus creating a cleaner and safer environment.

What sets Victory apart from it’s competition?

First, the way it super charges the particles. Many other sprayers only charge at the tip when the product is dispensed. The Victory sprayer charges the particles inside the bottle and then again when the particles are being atomized at the tip. See the information below in more detail.

The Victory unit seems to be the best for disinfection because it allows a flow rate of 80-110 which most units don’t have. Many units stop at 50. Having a higher flow rate allows the proper amount of particles to be emitted in order to disinfect properly. An emission of 80 is approximately equivalent to a standard spray bottle. The Victory is the only unit to give 3 particle settings of 40, 80 and 110.

The unit is battery powered with a 16.8 Lithium Ion battery giving you a 4hr continuous run time. You don’t have to worry about dragging a cord around like other units. You can clean anywhere, any time!
Check out more benefits here.

Still not sure? Watch this short video to see the unit in action.




Use the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer with Brulin’s Brutabs, a safe, simple, effective way to disinfect. Better then bleach, safer most other disinfectants on the market today, and minimal dwell time (1 minute and 4 minute kills). Check out Brutabs.

These products are great for daycares, hospitals, educational facilities (especially bus disinfecting/sanitizing), BSCs, and more. Everyone can benefit from disinfecting dwell times being adhered to, better distribution of chemical to a surface, easy to use unit, and battery powered. Want a demo? Click here.