So you have your paper towels and toilet tissue stocked and you never run out of soap. That’s great! But according to a recent survey next in line on the complaint list is restroom malodors. Your restrooms can look as clean as you want but if you are not dealing with malodors in your restrooms, people might be complaining about your facility.
Thankfully there are many options in odor control from passive air flow systems to active systems. Before ordering you want to cover a few bases like: size of your restroom, placement of odor control system, etc. You certainly don’t want to overpower your restroom with heavy fragrance and choke your staff and visitors. You also want to make sure the placement of your odor control system is in a spot where your staff can reach for replacement cartridges and out of general sight to reduce vandalism.

Since most odors come from the urinals and toilets, let’s take a look at a few options.


Let’s face it, grown men are pretty good at their aim by now but urinals are not designed to reduce splash back. And why wouldn’t they have good aim? They have cool urinal screen games like soccer to play with, giving them something to shoot for.

Once the fun and games are over, someone has to clean up the urinal. Urine splashing onto the floor or even uric acid crystal buildup in the urinal drain are two common sources of odor with urinals. You certainly don’t want to see pictures of that.

First let’s deal with splash back. There are a few approaches, one using a special urinal screen specifically designed to reduce splash back like the ones you see below.

You want to make sure your urinal screen has a way to reduce splash and freshen odors. If the screen just smells nice, you are only targeting one part of your problem. Take a quick look at this video showing the Wave 3D from Fresh Products vs other types of urinal screens. You will clearly see the difference between using a urinal screen designed to reduce splash vs a standard urinal screen. Any of the designs with fingers or spikes sticking up will work well.

If splash back is still an issue, you can choose to install odor control matting under each urinal.

Now we can deal with uric acid crystal buildup and how to prevent buildup. You should always use an enzyme based product to clean your urinals and all bathroom floors and toilets. Using enzyme based products will allow the enzymes to eat away at bacteria and uric acid crystals to prevent buildups causing odor issues. Using products like Piranha Multi-Zyme, Endz-It Multi Enzyme Digester, or Liquid Alive Enzyme Digester help reduce and eliminate bacteria causing odors.

If the buildup is just too much already, you may need to take the drain apart and clean it manually. Then begin to use an enzyme product for your regular restroom cleaning to keep the drain clean.

Want to see how enzymes work? Watch the short video below.

Now we have combatted urinals. Let’s move on to Toilet Odors.


The reality of the janitorial industry is how much we humble ourselves to clean other’s excrement from toilets on a daily basis. In our perfect world, every toilet user would flush and wipe the seat so the next user has a clean toilet. Unfortunately, this is not case and we are left to clean up after others.

First and foremost, remember to use enzyme based products when cleaning. As urine and other overflow get into grout lines, enzymes will continue to eat away at them and help with odor control.

Second, if you can, make sure you are using a Kaivac No Touch Cleaning System. These specialty units work the best in restroom cleaning. You can find more information on our previous blog of Restrooms – Oh the Horror by clicking here.

Ok.  So, preventing is great, cleaning up afterwards is a must, but how do we combat real time odor. Most people use bowl rim clips. There are a variety of different kinds. Standard Non-Para Block rim clips, Enzyme Based rim clips, and just straight air freshening clips. You can also couple rims clips with commode mats as well.

Now we have some solid ways to help alleviate restroom odors. Next week we will continue our talk on combatting restroom odors with placement of general air freshening, metered automatic systems vs passive air systems, and take a look into a Vectair fully automated restroom.