In our last blog we spoke about odor control as it pertains to toilets and urinals. How to attack the odor at the source. If you missed it, you can click here to read it. Now we will continue with part 2: active and passive odor control, placement, and what a Vectair total system bathroom looks like.

Active Odor Control and Placement

Very simply an active odor control system uses a propellant of some kind either an aerosol spray or a fan creating the air movement so your scent can be delivered. For example, a metered system spraying every hour is an active system. Why would you use an active system? Well, if you have a larger restroom or if you have some other significant odor issues, you may want to invest in an active system. They do cost more, especially with battery replacement, but depending on your issues, it may be well worth the cost.

These types of odor control devices should be placed ideally 10ft from the floor to avoid a slip and fall. When the scent is delivered, it has time to linger in the 10 ft drop to the floor. It also allows the product to dry before hitting the floor and subsequently avoiding a slip and fall. 10ft is also a good height to keep vandals from destroying or stealing your odor control devices.

Vectair offers a great product called the V-Air Solid Plus. This unique odor control system uses a heated plate and fan to deliver its fragrance. Watch this short video.

A good place for an active system is also central to the restroom. This is often across from the sink area. You do not want it over your sink, as it will spray your customers. They might smell nice but I’m sure they will not appreciate it.
We have all seen this great commercial by Febreeze for home products. The spray is an active system and the pod at the end is a passive system. Check the video out here.

Passive Odor Control and Placement

Passive odor control is a little trickier. You need to know where the natural air flow is in your restroom. Swinging doors and passing visitors create good air flow. Finding places near the door but mounted high are good. Also, under the sink near the edge so as visitors wash their hands and walk away, the scent is delivered into the room. Remember you still want your device to be out of site or not noticeable so you can avoid vandalism. But since the device is passive, you need it where there is air flow. Below you will find some passive odor control devices.

In the world of odor control there are many options. One thing remains the same, always clean your restroom with enzymes. Certain companies offer entire bathroom systems, so your products can work together and your fragrances can match up well. If you want to go with an entire bathroom system, Vectair has an awesome video for you to be able to see what your restroom can look like. Take a look!

So no matter how you need to adjust your odor control system, we have laid out many options and your restrooms should be smelling nice and fresh. Contact us if you have specific issues and would like a professional to help by clicking here.