Square Scrub gets a hats off to their R & D. They never cease trying to improve their units and how they work in the field. Square Scrub is dedicated to bringing you the most reliable, efficient machines on the market. Now with the release of the NEW Square Scrub Pivot, you can have the best performing oscillating floor machine out there.

With the redesign, the pivoting head now creates even pressure throughout the use of the machine. That means, your pads will wear evenly and will cover the entire 14 x 20 or 14 x 28 area, making the Square Scrub Pivot more efficient. Most other manufacturer’s handles create too much weight when adjusted causing an offset of weight distribution. Beefing this baby up, it boasts a 7 gauge stainless steel base. Changing the design of the weights, handle and frame all played an important role in the perfection of weight distribution. Let’s see where more changes have taken place:

Square Scrub made advancements in 7 categories:


Now with the handle being one solid welded piece of steel, the handle assembly has also been beefed up. The trigger is stronger and locked in place with steel guide pins. It’s also easier to use as the trigger is more sensitive, so you don’t have to grip the handle with brute force.


One of my favorite changes to the unit. All floor machines should have this. No longer taking time to unwrap the cord, just a quick twist and the cord is off the machine and ready to go. What a simple change, but definitely user friendly!!


The Pivot boasts now 2 ¼” Isolators as opposed to the original design of 1 ½”. These beefier isolators stand up to normal wear and tear and have tested to last 50% longer. New to the unit are 10 low profile vibration reducing isolators, specifically tuned and balanced to reduce vibration. The addition of these new isolators help absorb more vibration leaving the operator nearly vibration free.


Square Scrub’s grip face has always been one solid piece but is now more chemically resistant. This helps protect the bearing from chemical moisture, allows the grip face to last longer and hold up during normal wear and tear, and reduces pad slippage. The new designed white grip face, well, just grips better causing less friction between the pad and the grip face. All of this allows for a more efficient use of the pad, as the pad has the ability to use all of the machine’s power to agitate the floor.


The latest dust skirt now wraps complete around the machine and overlaps in the back of the unit for more complete containment of dust.


Square Scrub’s slotted weight construction allows the head to have evenly distributed weight for more even floor contact. The 20” machine is able to handle up to 232lbs, giving you the versatility of cleaning carpets, VCT, floor polishing/stripping, stone care, wood floor sanding and more.


Adjust the handle with ease to any height you desire. Since the handle is designed with 0 impact to the head, you can adjust at will without losing performance.

It doesn’t stop there. Square Scrub went all out on Pivot. Contract Cleaners will enjoy the option of a two piece detachable handle for easier transportation. You can always add extra weights for more down pressure. An hour meter is handy so you know when to do preventative maintenance on the unit. Finally instead of using triggers, try a manual power switch for those lengthy jobs.

Thank you Square Scrub for listening to the users, taking the time to analyze how your units perform in the real world, and putting in the effort to advance your machines! Many thumbs up!