Tennant Company over the past 2-3 years has been very active in upgrading their scrubber line to the most state of the art, efficient units on the market. The I-Mop XL, T300, T500 and T350 additions to the Tennant line have proven themselves worthy of accolades. If you missed any previous blogs you can catch them by clicking on the machine below, since we covered the I-Mop XL and T350 already. This week we will look at the T300 and next week the T500, so stay tuned!



Before the I-Mop XL and the T350, Tennant launched the T300 with the T500 no far behind it. Let’s take a look at these revolutionary machines in our two part series. The Tennant T300 is available in 17”-24” with the variety of heads to choose from: Single Disk (17-20”), Orbital, Cylindrical, and Dual Disk (24”).

New to the list is the cylindrical head. This new dual cylindrical head design allows you to clean grouted surfaces more efficiently without the need to pre-sweep. Another awesome feature this industry has been waiting for is the new Insta-Fit Disk innovation. Now all your disk brushes and pad drivers can be equipped with a magnetic head. So no more fumbling in tight spaces under the unit to try to get the driver on the machine after changing the pad. Now just push the yellow button with your foot to release the head, and slide it back under the machine and lift up or lower the head and let Insta-Fit do all the work. This feature alone is worth its weight in gold! Watch this short video to see it in action.

But Tennant didn’t stop there! Originally Tennant had ec-H2O technology to help aid in the cleaning process in place of added detergents. Now they beefed up the electric charge and changed the name to ec-H2O NanoClean starting with the Tennant T300. With the higher electric charge, ordinary water is converted into Nano bubbles. These electrically charged Nano bubbles break up dirt and grease more efficiently than standard detergents. AND you use less water in the process of cleaning. The video below explains it quite simply.

Also on the list of additional upgrades for the Tennant T300, you can choose to have a ProPanel. This state of the art display screen is a full LCD color touch screen enabling you to change settings, use supervisor options, and watch videos on how to change standard maintenance items. Yellow touch points make it easy for customers to know what they should be touching.

Following the yellow touch points will bring you to the newly designed squeegee assembly. With a new hose adapter, clogging the hose is less of an issue. Easier to change blades with no more straps and latches. Just unscrew the yellow knobs and the blades loosen for easy replacement!

Tired of having to leave the lid up when charging your machine? No problem. With a new venting system, you can charge the batteries with the lid closed. Make it easier to water the batteries as well with the Hydrolink Battery Watering System. This watering system uses color coding, so you know when your batteries need water. Even easier is the hand pump to fill the batteries. With a closed system, you don’t have to worry about battery acid, overfilling or any other hazardous issues. Just put the tube into a bottle of distilled water and use the hand pump to fill the batteries. Check out this quick video to see how easy it is and some important tips.

There are so many more options and upgrades to the Tennant T300. Click here for the brochure. If you are interested in a demo feel free to contact us any time to schedule an appointment by clicking here. Tune in next week for the Tennant T500.