Brutabs 6S The Safe Alternative to Bleach

Want a Safe Alternative to Bleach? Why not try Brutabs 6S? They sure don’t call it 6S for no reason. Let’s take a look. Safe Brutabs 6S rates a whopping 1 on the health rating scale, while most other disinfectants READ MORE

Robotics, Are We There Yet?

Well, some would say yes and some would say no. We are certainly not at the Jetson’s stage yet. Why don’t you read and decide for yourself? Over the past 20 years or so in the Jan/San Industry you have READ MORE

Can You Hear Me Now? – Kenwood Two Way Radios

Communication is key this day in age. With school shootings continuing to rise at alarming rates, you want to make sure your staff can communicate effectively in case of emergencies let alone on a regular basis. Whether you are custodial READ MORE

Tennant Takes Scrubbing by Storm Part 2

Ok, so in the last blog we covered the T300 and the second part of this series will cover the Tennant T500. Tennant is wise in how they go to market with new innovation. Could they have taken everything they READ MORE