Ok, so in the last blog we covered the T300 and the second part of this series will cover the Tennant T500. Tennant is wise in how they go to market with new innovation. Could they have taken everything they did for the T300 and spread it across their entire scrubber line all at once? Yes, but they didn’t. They tactfully released one machine at a time so they could see how it worked in the field. This strategy allows them the opportunity to make changes to the next unit set for release.

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The T500 comes in 26″-32″ Disk, 28″ Orbital, and 28″ Cylindrical heads. Whether you are cleaning grouted floors, concrete, VCT, or stone, Tennant has you covered. Of course Tennant carried over the popular additions like Insta-Click Magnetic Disk Head, Full LCD Pro-Panel, ec-H2O NanoClean, and the New Squeegee set up. In addition to those upgrades, Tennant brought you more!

This Demo Video will highlight many of the new awesome features available on the Tennant T500.

Auto Solution Fill

Now there is a special adapter to the unit you can use to hook into any standard hose. Just twist the adapter onto the hose, plug it into the port, and turn the hose on. This auto fill system, will fill the solution tank to full and automatically shut off, so there is no ability to overfill the solution tank.

Smart Fill Battery Watering

Taking battering watering to the next level!! This completely automatic system keeps your staff safe from caustic acid and overfilling batteries. Just fill the reservoir with Distilled Water and allow the machine to self-water the batteries after the charging cycle. Your batteries will always have the proper water, last longer, and perform better. A special indicator light goes on, when the reservoir is empty. Once this is activated the machine will only work for 10 hrs before the system will shut down forcing you to fill the reservoir. Unbelievably Smart on Tennant’s part to put this system in place. It’s the most advanced watering system on the market today! We give it 2 thumbs up!

Spray Jet

Adding an additional spray jet and hose to the machine makes it easier to clean the recovery tank. How many times have you been out dumping the dirty water and you are in an area with no hose to rinse the recovery tank? All too often this simple cleaning gets missed. No longer an issue with the on board spray jet! Just as long as you have water in your solution tank, so you have the ability to rinse out your recovery tank and hose down the area you are dumping your dirty water into. Double Win!

The Tennant T500 also boasts a 170lb maximum down pressure in the orbital head, Quiet Mode for noise sensitive areas, and a Flow Control Valve on the Recovery Drain Hose. Click here for a brochure. With all these upgrades and options, I cannot wait to see what is on the horizon for the future of Tennant Machines! We applaud you Tennant!

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