Want a Safe Alternative to Bleach? Why not try Brutabs 6S?

They sure don’t call it 6S for no reason. Let’s take a look.


Brutabs 6S rates a whopping 1 on the health rating scale, while most other disinfectants are a 2 or 3. This means Brutabs are much safer to use around children and do not create any breathing issues, chest pains, or any other health risks you would get when using other disinfectants.


Brutabs 6S was designed for accurate dispensing without measuring. Just use one 3.34 gram tablet per quart bottle and one 13.1 gram tablet per gallon for standard disinfecting. No need to measure and pour like bleach.

Surface and User Friendly

Brutabs 6S will not stain clothing or breakdown floor finishes or leave a residue behind. This means there is less damage to surfaces and equipment.


Brutabs 6S have a longer shelf life. Brutabs in dilution can be used for 1 week vs Bleach 1 Day and undiluted have a 3 year shelf life and not lose any effectiveness vs Bleach 6 months.


Since Brutabs 6S are distributed in tablet form they store longer and use less storage space. In the 3.34 gram (Quart Bottle Size) you get 200 tablets per tub. This yield 200 quart bottles of product, but the tub is about 6” tall and 6” in diameter. The 13.1 gram tablets (Gallon Size) are 256 tablets per tub. This yields, you guessed it, 256 gallons of product and the tub size is about 10” high and about 6” wide. If you bought bleach, you would need pallets of product to make what 2 small tubs can do.

Not only does it take up less storage space, but this also means there are less shipping costs, less boxes being used, less plastic bottles being discarded, and trucks being used to haul around product. The environment thanks you for the added benefit of less garbage and safer products. Also, when Brutabs 6S gets washed down the drain it does not contaminate your township water.


Brutabs 6S is an EPA registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant which can now kill CDiff and Norovirus in 4 minutes along with other bacteria and viruses when diluted as specified by the mfg. Brutabs meets OSHA Bloodborn Pathogen Standards and has an EPA registration as a Food Service Sanitizer.

Smells Better

Brutabs 6S smell like pool water since the active ingredient is a chlorine composite. It is less irritating to the airways and produces less odor.

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The Science Behind Brutabs

We should all know what products we are using and how they work. This helps us to explain to our staff why we change from one product to another.

Brulin’s Brutabs 6S uses the active ingredient sodium troclosene (NaDCC) in tablet form. NaDCC is an organic chlorine operating at a PH of between 6 and 7 where bleach is more in the 11+ PH level. Brutabs are so safe the same ingredient is used in smaller tablets to yield safe drinking water. Now, don’t go drinking Brutabs though it would not harm you as it is similar to drinking pool water, but I’m sure it won’t taste good. Always follow proper use of products as instructed by the manufacturer.

When a Brutab is dropped into water, it will effervesce until dissolved and creates hypochloris acid (HOCL). Why am I giving you all this science? Well, here is the bottom line, bleach is a hypochlorite and Brutabs when dissolved in water make hypochloris acid. HOCL is four times stronger in killing microbes then hypochlorite. Since HOCL has a similar molecular make up as water, it can penetrate the cell walls of bacteria and viruses faster than bleach.

When Brutabs are placed in water they yield 90% of active ingredients to kill microbes. Bleach only has a 10% yield of active ingredients AND bleach’s ingredient is hindered by organic soils ie dirt. If you don’t preclean prior to using bleach, the dirt on the surface will reduce how much you can kill. Brutabs don’t have that problem.

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Between the Science and the practicality, it is a no brainer. Kills better, Less Storage Space needed, Sustainable, Safer and Simpler to use than Bleach and most other disinfectants.

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