6 Summer Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Money

Summer cleaning can sometimes be tedious and strenuous with long hot days. Make your summer better by trying these tips to help alleviate aggravation and strain along with saving time and money. 1  Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! During the months of READ MORE

ReadySpace Carpet Cleaning – Dry in Minutes

Do you have carpeted areas and high foot traffic in your building? High Rise Buildings with long hallways on multiple floors, banquet halls, hotels, hospitals, casinos, retail stores and more could all benefit from having a Tennant ReadySpace Machine. ReadySpace READ MORE

Hydramaster – Only the Best in Carpet Care!

Hydramaster has been supplying our industry with innovative carpet cleaning equipment including truck mounts since 1971. Mike Palmer was dissatisfied with the tools he was using in his own cleaning business back in 1969, so he set out to create READ MORE

Germiest Places in a School – Where are they?

In a recent study of germs in schools by NSF International, you would be horrified at the germ comparison in several different areas in the schools monitored. We are bringing this information to your attention so you can make sure READ MORE