Agricultural and Industrial equipment take extensive abuse by being covered in dirt, grime, detergents, and more. Not to mention our everyday world of brick buildings, stadiums, stairs, concrete, etc. being exposed to dirt, food, grime, graffiti, and the like. Each of these are expensive investments and so if we care for our investments they will last longer. Keeping our equipment and buildings clean is the best way to extend the life of our investments.

Mi-T-M Products has what you need and more. After reviewing their line of equipment, I was blown away. They have every type of pressure washing unit imaginable and every option to fit every need. The best part of Mi-T-M is you get to customize your unit to your needs. We will be blogging over the next couple of weeks on what Mi-T-M has to offer since their line is so extensive and impressive. This week we will look at cold and hot water pressure washers.
I have 4 models to highlight so let’s dive in.

JCW Series – Cold Water Pressure Washers – Gasoline Belt Drive

Mi-T-M designed the JCW Series perfectly for construction, agriculture and commercial cleaning. This unit has the most versatility with a wide range of PSI and Engine Size. On the smaller side you have the 196cc Honda engine giving you 2400-2700 PSI. You have a midsized 270cc Honda engine with 3000 PSI and a larger 389cc Honda engine with 3500-4000 PSI. The JCW unit comes standard with a wheel kit and my favorite flat free tires. Nothing more annoying than using industrial pressure washers with air filled tires. It is an industrial setting; they are bound to go flat, Mi-T-M has your back so go flat free!

Not only did Mi-T-M think of standard flat free wheels, they also provide a 1 year unloader, 3 year engine and 7 year pump warranty. Mi-T-M has got you covered on any manufacturing defects.

All units come with a standard 50 foot hose and spray gun with nozzles but what is great about Mi-T-M, that’s not all. You can choose from options to fit your needs. Need detergent injection? Not only do they have it, but you can choose between high pressure injection or low pressure injection options. They also have a specialized 48” insulated dual lance which allows you to use the low pressure detergent injection without having to change tips, saving you precious labor time. This unit may be small but it’s Mi-T.

CBA Series – Cold Water Pressure Washers – Gasoline Belt Drive

The CBA Series is a little beefier and heavy duty, perfect for brick or concrete work. Choice between 3500 or 4000 PSI and 389cc Honda Engine or a 429cc Kohler Engine gives you a bit more power behind the gun. I like this unit again because of the standard flat free tires, a patented vibration isolation plate (keeps the unit from walking away on its own) and the same warranty as the JCW. There is nothing like a manufacturer who stands behind their product! High and Low pressure detergent injection, the 48” dual lance, and extra hose are available on this unit as well.

HSP Series – Hot Water Pressure Washers – Gasoline Direct Drive

Go big or go home! The HSP series is for serious large job cleaning. Whether it’s agricultural equipment, construction equipment, big rigs, and more, the HSP Series ranks high for tough jobs. All of these large pieces of equipment are huge investments so caring for them is the best thing you can do. Mi-T-M recognizes your need to keep these massive units clean and has the tough machines to do it with! With HSP units ranging from 2500 – 3500 PSI and 196cc – 429cc Engines, you choose what’s right for you.

The HSP series boasts some great options. Want easy start? Get the Electric Start option with battery included. Need more mobility? Extra hoses are available. They even have an adjustable thermostat option! Of course it wouldn’t be complete without having the high pressure or low pressure detergent injection. With Mi-T-M customizing is easy and you make sure your unit works the best for you!

HS Series – Hot Water Pressure Washers – Gasoline/Diesel Belt Drive

Tim the Toolman was right, sometimes you just need more power! The HS series is no joke. Choice between Gasoline or Diesel engines with powers ranging from 480cc – 688cc Gasoline Engines and 15.5HP Diesel Engines. The HS series also ramps up the Gallons Per Minute from 4.0 – 5.6 with 3000 – 4000 PSI, giving you some serious water flow for even tougher jobs. Caked on mud, grease, oil, and grime don’t stand a chance against the Mi-T HS Series. With a 3 year coil, 3 year engine, and 7 year pump warranties you can’t go wrong. Wait til you see the options on this bad boy!

The HS comes standard with an electric start and battery and a 2900 watt generator delivering clean power to your burner. Options, options and more options: wheel kit, adjustable thermostat, and high or low pressure detergent injection. Double down with the dual gun option so two people can spray at the same time! 4 Point lifting option for crane operation needs. A three way ball valve can be added so you can be the most versatile in operating from garden hose, float tank or trailer supply tank. Last but certainly not least is a steam combination option to 250 degrees. Watch grease and oil wash away easily with the steam option!

Mi-T-M has proven to be tough and reliable in the world of industrial pressure washing. Their customizing system allows you to build the unit around your specific needs. If you want to get serious about cleaning your investments properly so they last for years to come, get a reliable Mi-T-M product.