Bio-Shine is one of the industry’s leading distributor of Janitorial/Sanitary Supplies and Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals. Through our network of distribution warehouses we ship a wide variety of commodities including replacement parts for most of the leading equipment manufacturers to anywhere in the continental United States.

As an industry leader in Cleaning Equipment, Bio-Shine distributes many of the leading manufacturers including Nobles, Tennant, NSS, Clarke, Minuteman Int’l, Pro-Team, Eureka-Sanitaire, Tomcat, Square Scrub, and many others. Our philosophy is to provide you with the best piece of equipment to satisfy your cleaning needs. As a member of NJSSA and ISSA, we continuously stay informed with product developments and innovative new processes. When GREEN CLEANING took center stage, Bio-Shine and it’s team of professionals were among the leaders paving the way.

You will find our staff of professionals knowledgeable and courteous. If you can’t find what you need, simply call us at (888) 246-7446 and we’ll do our very best to satisfy your needs. The best customer is a happy customer!