Our goal is to provide exceptional value to our customers and operating with the following standards:

Building Collaborative Relationships: We develop, maintain, and strengthen partnerships so we may have a sturdy foundation constructed from sharing quality information, assistance, and support.

Innovative Products & Services: We are an industry leader in janitorial supplies, chemicals, paper products, equipment and parts distribution. We only offer products we believe are the most innovative and align ourselves with the most innovative manufacturers.

Outstanding Customer Service: We recognize the unique needs of each customer therefore we provide quality customer service tailored specifically for those needs. The one size fits all approach is not what we’re about.

Service Focused: Our goal is to understand our customer’s expectations and put the right processes in place to exceed those expectations every time.

Highly trained and skilled professionals: We understand that the better skilled and proficient our staff is, the easier it is to do business together. Our staff excels at providing superior customer service, technical service, onsite training, demonstrations, equipment repairs and more.

Inclusive Communications: We listen to our employees, customers and vendors. We share that knowledge with all levels of our organization and communicate that knowledge with informal and formal training programs.

Next Level Technology: We stay ahead of the curve by pursuing technology, products, and resources to help us move to the next level in servicing our customers’ needs.

Efficient Operations: We are committed to continuous improvement by continually reviewing, evaluating and improving our processes to become more efficient so we can serve you better.