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Brutab 6s Disinfectant & Sanitizer 13.1 Gram Tablet

ITEM #BS125085

13.1 Gram Tablets for Gallons – 256 tablets per tub / 2 tubs per case

An effervescent disinfectant and sanitizer tablet with 4-minute disinfection against C. difficile spores, TB and more. 1-minute disinfection against Norovirus, Hepatitis A Virus, Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, and HIV-1. Effective against bacteria and viruses (non-enveloped and enveloped), encompassing both known and emerging pathogens, including 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19)*.

*BruTab 6S has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to Novel Coronavirus
(2019-nCoV) on hard, porous and non-porous surfaces. Therefore BruTab 6S can be used against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) when used in accordance with the directions. Refer to CDC website at for additional information.

Bleach vs. Brutab Comparison


  • Safe: HMIS Rating of “3”
  • Shelf life: unopened 6 months, and 24 hours after mixed
  • Dilution rate: 12 ounces per 1 gallon of water
  • Unsafe for use around children:  active ingredient is Sodium Hypochlorite
  • pH value: 12
  • Complex: Must use measuring cup
  • Coronavirus kill time: 10 minutes

Brutab 6S

  • Safe: HMIS Rating of “1”
  • Shelf life: unopened 3 years, and 3 days after mixed
  • Dilution rate: 2 tablets per 1 gallon of water
  • Safe for use around children:  the active ingredient is similar to pool water
  • pH value: 6.5
  • Simplicity: 2 tablets in 1 gallon of water
  • Coronavirus kill time: 1 minute


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