Our sales team at Bio-Shine Inc. has over 150 years industry knowledge combined and is the driving force behind our success of over 30 years as a company in the Jan/San Industry. Each representative shows eagerness to continue to learn new technologies as they emerge and adapt to new cleaning processes to be a value added asset to any customer they serve. Their hard work and dedication to cleaner, safer indoor environments allows Bio-Shine Inc. to lead NJ and its surrounding area into using these new technologies/processes to better their facilities.

Sales Department

Glenn Rothstein
With over 40yrs in the Jan/San world and being President of Bio-Shine Inc., Glenn’s unmatched, wide array of knowledge makes him our sales leader, mentor and trainer. With extensive knowledge in all Jan/San applications, Glenn can often be found at customer locations training, teaching, guiding, and getting dirty. Whether laying finish, stripping floors, diamond honing, to inhibiting germ growth on surfaces, navigating OSHA standards, combatting the newest germ, and more, Glenn is the best resource for his customers and our sales staff.
David Matisoff
With over 30yrs in Jan/San, Dave’s never ending quest to delivery greener, cleaner air to buildings has lead him into his newest position at Bio-Shine Inc. Not only is he our Vice President, but he also leads the way with Pyure/Odorox Hydroxyl Generators. When it comes to killing germs in the air and on surfaces, Dave remains the most knowledgeable and best resource on the East Coast. Thanks to Dave’s unparalleled knowledge and drive, Bio-Shine Inc. is Pyure/Odorox Air’s World Leading Distributor of Hydroxyl Generators.
Howard Nifoussi
When it comes to facility aesthetics, quality equipment, germ killing and environmental awareness, Howard is top notch. He can walk into any building and help you solve any issue from floor finish/stripping, strategic chemical usage, paper planning, to managing custodial staff, science behind germ killing, and so much more. With over 40yrs in the business, Howard has seen it and tackled it all.
Jason Teigman
Growing up in the building service industry has allowed Jason to learn a variety of skills and ideas from chemical usage to equipment to building organization and more. With over 30 years’ experience and his drive to push our industry to new heights, Jason’s knowledge base has grown extensively, making him the go-to-guy with his customers for all their needs.
Jeff Zahles
Jeff has over 35 years in the Jan/San industry striving to create partnerships with this clients. Within these partnerships he is able to provide quality education on cleaning techniques (critical cleaning, deep scrub vs strip/recoat, microfiber usage, etc), equipment training, and more for his customers to have a cleaner, safer environment to work and live.
Barry Bard
A former master technician, Barry has been an integral part of the cleaning industry for 30 years. From sales to service, his comprehensive background and first-hand familiarity with equipment and the latest technology is unparalleled. Whether you’re looking for a greener, cleaner, safer, or more efficiently run facility, you can always rely on Barry.
Kathleen Gilly
Newest to the team, but packs a punch. Kathleen, a networking powerhouse, has recently been able to bring her knew knowledge of combatting germs, air purification, and OSHA standards to new verticals. She may have switched industries, but she remains the same knowledgeable, fast paced, resourceful person she has always been, giving her customers the best service.