Mold can be aggressive and get out of control very quickly. Knowing what causes mold and how to stop it at first site, could keep you from spending over $100,000 in remediation costs.

Respond at First Site

The minute your staff sees mold growing, they need to bring it to a supervisor’s attention immediately. Now you will start to become a detective. Do a thorough inspection of your building and make sure what you found is the only area with an issue. Check all humidstats to ensure humidity is at or below 40%.

Find and Fix the Source

Mold needs moisture conditions sustained above 40% humidity to grow. Find out why your air is creating optimal conditions: are air conditioning units broken, dampers left open, rainy season, etc. Find and fix the source

Run a Dehumidifier

Commercial dehumidifiers work well in controlling conditions and hindering further growth. Click Below for Spec Sheets on Available Dehumidifiers. Special Pricing Available on Contracts.

Run a Hydroxyl Generator

Hydroxyls are Mother Nature’s way of cleaning our air. This proven technology kills mold, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. Once the mold has been killed by the Hydroxyl Generator, then you can remove it safely without risk of mold spores flying around and attaching to other surfaces. These units can be purchased or rented depending on your needs. Checkout this link for more information.

Need Guidance?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Bio-Shine’s sales staff are professionals and well educated in mold removal. We have products and resources at our fingertips to help you in the process. Our guidance comes at NO Cost. Contact a mold expert today!